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Find out more about Dominique Bergel-Grant and how we at Leapfrog Financial provide advice.

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Your financial future is in your hands, but having a financial adviser at your side will help you share the burden as we show you the best path forward, sharing our expertise and knowledge.

The team at Leapfrog Financial is focused on finding out about what your journey looks like, after all everyone is different. What does financial freedom look like to you? What pitfalls are you not aware of? What opportunities are you missing? What do you want your legacy to be?

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Live Without Fear

In the last 12 months I have had to learn to embrace fear. Walk towards what is uncomfortable, then grab it with both hands, and not let go. What a ride it has been. I thought starting my business just over three years ago, walking away from a comfortable salary was the biggest challenge I […]

Collect Moments Not Things

With the silly season now behind us and many of us back to the daily grind. What is that you remember about Christmas. Is it the moments with family and friends or the gift you received? It is times like this we should reflect. Not make promises of change with New Years Resolutions, but spend […]

The Employment Time Bomb is Ticking…

The reality that faces many senior executives working in the corporate world as their mid 50’s approach is one a fear. You spend 30 plus years building a career, showing your worth the a company, only to find yourself replaced by a younger model. It is almost a unspoken of truth, the chatter around the […]

Lessons from the financial crisis more than five years on

It’s been more than five years since the worst of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit equity and bond markets. While flow-on effects continue to affect financial markets, there are many lessons we have taken from the crisis that can be applied to wealth planning. Here are our top five lessons from the GFC to […]

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