Live Without Fear

In the last 12 months I have had to learn to embrace fear. Walk towards what is uncomfortable, then grab it with both hands, and not let go. What a ride it has been.

I thought starting my business just over three years ago, walking away from a comfortable salary was the biggest challenge I would face, but I couldn’t be more wrong. For many business owners they stop at this point, create a business that just replaces the income they used to earn.

But is that really good enough? Every business owner I have met talks about the challenges when they established their business. The opportunities they walked away from because they were fearful and, what often comes next is talk of what the dream was, and now what is.

So a year ago I promised myself when faced with an opportunity I would say ‘yes’, follow my gut instinct and have no regrets. What has come out of this is amazing growth in my business and accolades, but it is the changes in me that I have notice the most. The fear, that little voice telling me ‘no’ has all but faded into the distance.

In this last year I have also had the opportunity to meet, listen and learn from some amazing experts. Silvia Damiano, CEO of the About my Brain Institute, was the first to make me realise that the decision I had made last year had resulted in me actively rewiring my brain, actually change the neurological pathways. Effectively muting the fear and flight reaction all our brains have inherited through evolution.

So stop saying ‘no’ and recognise this as a reaction to fear. So join me in becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, and let you and what you influence thrive.

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