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Find out more about Dominique Bergel-Grant and how we at Leapfrog Financial provide advice.

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Your financial future is in your hands, but having a financial adviser at your side will help you share the burden as we show you the best path forward, sharing our expertise and knowledge.

The team at Leapfrog Financial is focused on finding out about what your journey looks like, after all everyone is different. What does financial freedom look like to you? What pitfalls are you not aware of? What opportunities are you missing? What do you want your legacy to be?

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Happy Wife, Happy Life… REALLY?!

Author: Dominique Bergel-Grant Keeping a close eye on the Sydney property market, I was at an auction on the weekend and the experience is a lesson in relationships and money as well as failing to stick to your auction limit. The auction starts the Auctioneer declares the property on the market, a beautiful Californian Bungalow, […]

Why 30 Is The New 50 When It Comes To Retirement

Author: Dominique Bergel-Grant The day you put up your feet and stop working is sooner than you think and there are fewer years between now and retirement than the many years you will have to fund. This is a confronting but true reality. With a 30 year old today having 35 years left in the […]

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